To some, leadership and an introverted, sensitive and empathic nature don’t go together. But research shows that the best leaders, truly great transformational leaders, are all of these. 

So if you’re ready to stop holding yourself back, to embrace and develop your strengths as a Quieter Leader so you can trust your own judgement, then you’re in the right place. 

You’re a Quieter Leader ready to break free of the fear that -
you’re not good enough,
you're going to be found out,
you can't say no. 

I’ve always loved connecting with people - helping and collaborating, working together for a common purpose. 
But I was quiet, studious, didn't like putting myself forward - so I kind of fell into leadership without really noticing... 
It started in school as head girl, then rugby team captainships, and as a veterinary surgeon mentoring trainee veterinary nurses. 
I led senior teams less than 3 years after entering my corporate/government career, and challenged myself through promotion and technical expertise development - for 20 years now. 

Because I am a Quieter Leader too and I have struggled with imposter syndrome and people pleasing…

But something wasn’t right - and that something must be me 

Predictably perhaps, I burned out.
 Because ‘helping’ as a leader was actually people pleasing at my own expense - and that spilled over into my life. Boundaries? What were they? 
I tried so many modalities to try and get ‘fixed’ - medications, Consultants, CBT therapy, mindfulness, yoga, massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, homoeopathy, it goes on. 

And then I fell over..... 

I had great feedback, and promotions, but….I ‘just needed to be more confident’, ‘grow a thicker skin’, ‘be more assertive’
 Unhelpfully, the self-doubt and imposter syndrome firmly set in.
So I worked harder to be a ‘better’ leader and technical expert, did more leadership courses, a second degree with distinction. 
And self-help books on leadership, assertiveness, perfectionism.
But I still felt like a fraud, that I’d be found out as lacking, that I wasn’t a natural leader - others seemed so very sure of themselves.
In fact it just got worse. So I tried harder. Tried to please everyone.
My mental and physical health suffered, I was exhausted, migraines uncontrollable. 

But I still wasn't fixed...

Until I started to remember who I was…
After my first burnout, I began to explore and understand my nature as an introvert. A well-timed leadership course pointed out the strengths of my MBTI INFJ nature. A friend pointed out my ‘highly sensitive’ traits. As I learned to coach formally I realised I was highly empathic. 

It all changed in tiny steps…

Managing my energy, nervous system and supporting myself as an introvert, highly sensitive person and empath was the key. Being coached enabled me to positively building towards a future, rather than simply moving away from what I didn’t want. Establishing my values, goals, what lights me up, what drains me, was critical. 

I had finally realised what the balance was, the key to my own version of success - leading as a woman, an introvert, a highly sensitive person, as an empath, and according to my values - in short as me. 

​It required courage and I needed that coaching support to start forming boundaries in the extrovert, less sensitive, less empathic ‘norm’ in corporate. Saying no, not yes. Even the simplest practical stuff I met with internal resistance - taking breaks through the working day, refusing meetings in my lunch hour. 

And then I started to wonder, if I struggled with imposter syndrome and people pleasing for so long, how many other quieter leaders are out there doing the same? Without the right support? Without knowing how to give themselves permission to lead AS themselves?

My passion and mission now is to help Quieter Leaders to create the success that they want and deserve in their leadership, career, and life - because of who they are, not despite it. 

Ceramics, making pottery and all things handmade 

Quiet leadership - it will change the world 

The 'ripple effect' of helping quieter leaders discover their full potential  

Regeneration, nature, and creatures (including ladybirds you'll notice!)

I'm really passionate about...

What to expect from working with me

My core values are wildness, depth and love, which I apply to my life, coaching and leadership. So you can expect me to be honest and fully committed to your success, using all of my intuition and coaching skills - more traditional and somatic. 

My superpower as a sensitive, introvert and empath coach is seeing and believing wholeheartedly in your potential, inspiring both belief in your inherent strengths and the quiet confidence to use them. 
I'll support and compassionately challenge, enabling you develop consistent confidence in yourself as a quieter leader, and the courage to use and celebrate your unique mix of skills and strengths. So you can stop overworking to prove yourself and please others, releasing energy for clear, creative, strategic leadership - getting your ‘head out of the weeds’. 

A coaching programme designed specifically for your quieter nature, so you have the support, space and time to take consistent daily, ladybird-sized steps towards your version of success. Be that developing a high performing team, applying for that promotion, or more ease in your life - the choice is yours.

Bringing all of my 9+ years experience of my own personal development, 20+ years of experience of success as an quieter leader and veterinary surgeon, and 14 of leading through coaching. And my 120+ hours of ICF-accredited client coaching experience. 

My strengths as an INFJ, Human Design Generator, Questioner, HSP, Introvert, Empath, and Enneagram 5. 

really wild ones and home


handmade pottery, wild corners for nature


yoga, walking, off-road running,wild swimming


self-development, spiritual,  historical and literary fiction.


scotland, the european alps, norway 


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