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Are you ready to stop people pleasing and overcome your imposter syndrome?

4month private1:1 coaching

confidently delegating and seeking resources you need   

confident making great decisions 

quietly confident and impactful

feeling like you need to do and know it all 

being driven by others'  expectations

constantly questioning yourself 


This is for you if you want
to go from...

— C.E., senior leader 

"I feel a lot more confident in myself and empowered in making decisions around work and life, as well as carving out more time for myself"

But what you want is to feel confident in your decisions, say no when you mean no, speak up and share your ideas and proposals. Be valued

And you're afraid you're going to be found out as not good enough, as a fraud. You can't be as good as they think you are...

So you work harder, and keep your head down.

You're tossing and turning all night, doubting the decisions you've made that day. 

You feel like you're being pushed and pulled in all directions - saying yes to whatever anyone else needs  

I get it...

I understand you because I am a Quieter Leader too

I am in the best position to help clients on their way to overcoming their imposter syndrome, and stopping people-pleasing. 

Because not only have I helped heaps of clients like you, I've suffered with people pleasing and imposter syndrome and been held back by them in the past. 

And I am an experienced, certified and academically accredited personal and business coach, with qualifications from the University of Chester and credentials awarded by the International Coaching Federation.

Why choose me as your coach?

  • Fortnightly 1 hour private coaching calls where through traditional and somatic coaching approaches, you'll develop your awareness, mindset and a deeper understanding of what you really want. You'll feel clearer, understanding what's holding you back, and confident in your next steps. 

  • Connection with me between calls via a private Slack instant messaging channel - for 1:1 support, to ask questions and share your wins

  • Strategies tools and techniques bespoke to you and your situation, that you'll use between calls so you can experiment and grow your confidence. Taking small and tangible steps towards stopping people pleasing and overcoming your imposter syndrome.  

your 4 month 1:1 private coaching programme includes...

How I can support you  

— S.E., CEO 

"the best investment in yourself, your wellbeing, and your future you could ever make. It’s a priceless investment"

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