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People pleasing can show up in so many ways - some obvious, some downright sneaky. 

As quieter leaders we have many superpowers - altruism, deep thinking, problem solving, empathy, compassion. 

And as with all strengths there’s a shadow side, which includes our empathy, compassion and altruism developing into people pleasing. Which means we don’t support our natures, and our superpowers become less ‘super' as we allow our energy to be drained. 

In five simple steps, your ‘Not people pleasing’ workbook helps you on the way to understanding how, what, and why you people please, which gives you choice. 

This is for you if…

🐞 You've not given that difficult feedback to your team member again, even though you know they need it to grow and achieve the success they want 

🐞 You're wondering how, again, you’ve reached the end of the day and your brain feels like a vortex of random thoughts, battling through a thick fog of exhaustion and overwhelm. 

🐞 You haven’t ticked off any of your planned important tasks this week. 

🐞 You're doing more ‘doing’ than delegating

🐞 You're constantly being interrupted from ‘your work’ - draining your energy as you stop and start your deep thinking 

You ‘should’ be able to just solve this though, surely? ‘Just’ prioritise better, schedule better, manage your time better, say ‘no’ more? 

Not if you’re an introvert, sensitive, or empath leader and have a deep people pleasing tendency. Quick fixes haven’t worked in the past, they just don't stick.  

I know, I’ve been there. My clients have been there. You are not alone, but only you can identify your own how, what and why of people pleasing - and intentionally, with tiny steps, change the way you lead so you can thrive and perform at your best in leadership and life. 

Have you said yes immediately even when…

  🐞 You don’t even know what the thing is or what it involves?
  🐞 You know you or your team don’t have capacity for it
  🐞 You really need time to think about it

If so, you are who I created this 5 minute exercise for!

People are saying: ‘it’s so helpful’, ‘it works’, ‘I feel my energy changing’

So please use it to find and say your ‘no’ with confidence too

Saying no is really uncomfortable for Quiet Leaders

how to say no with confidence video