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Hands up, I’ve never really understood the term. Because when you have imposter syndrome it doesn’t feel comfortable where you are, ever. OK maybe for a short period of time when you ace a presentation, or you get a distinction, or an award.  Maybe.  But that doesn’t last long, because your inner imposter starts straight […]

How uncomfortable is your ‘’comfort’’ zone? 

Imposter Syndrome

What is the value of a Quiet Leader? It might be difficult for those who aren’t one to see, let alone translate it into value to the organisation itself, its stakeholders and customers. And as Quiet Leaders aren’t exactly shouting from the rooftops (being quiet!), with imposter syndrome meaning they’re comparing themselves unfavourably to other […]

The hidden value of Quiet Leaders to organisations


Understanding whether we have a tendency to be busy just to be busy, rather than examining how it actually affects our productivity, can be a challenge. In this blog I explore the potential negative effects on Quiet Leaders and suggest three things you can try to challenge your ‘busy’ habit. As we step out of […]

Three tips to challenge your ‘busy’ habit – if you’re not a bee that is!

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