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‘’You just need to grow a thicker skin’’ ‘’Just say no, it’s a complete sentence’’  ‘’Just be more assertive’’ Are these things you have been told in the past? If so, there is nothing wrong with you, and you aren’t alone. All these ‘justs’, which seem so easy for others to do and say, but […]

How to stop saying yes, when you mean no

People pleasing

I have always had a problem with the term ‘self love’, it is a bit far from my upbringing perhaps, a bit ‘wish-washy’, difficult for me to relate to. Hard to define. But I like the word acceptance, and following a tricky time in my own life, I’ve been reflecting on what it means for […]

Acceptance and influencing a culture change as a Quiet Leader

People pleasing

As a Quiet Leader, criticism can be tough to receive, process and let go. Taking it as the gift it sometimes is, can feel impossible, so here’s some thoughts on how receive it and process it in a way that suits your nervous system.  For a start, what can be perceived as criticism? There are […]

How Quiet Leaders can take criticism less personally